“ATM arrived from Sydney on the day it was promised. Very happy with the service and would highly recommend Cash2Go ATMs to any person looking for a trouble free and reliable ATM for their business.” Shah – Metro Petroleum West Gosford

“I had an ATM on my premises prior to Cash2Go ATMs and I haven’t looked back ever since and wouldn’t go with any other ATM provider. They provided me with everything I needed and more and now the machine is more visible to the public and has also helped increase my bar sales. Thanks for everything” Gary – Opah Bar and Restaurant

“Thank you for all your efforts and helping us organise an ATM for our business premises. Process was smooth and efficient. ATM arrived when promised and we were given step by step instructions on how to operate the ATM. I now have happier customers and have provided my customers with the same convenience that Cash2Go ATMs have provided me”  Harris – Cronulla Ice Creamery

“We are incredibly pleased with the service in which Cash2Go ATMs has provided and are confident it has increased our revenue” Everett – Café Chicane

“Cash2Go ATMs have not only provided me with everything that I need in order to operate the machine, but also the relevant signage to go with it and to make it more visible for my customers. I run a tobacconist and have been able to bring in people through the doors to take cash out and this has led to improvements in my overall sales” Kevin – Tobacconist