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The newest ATM from Nautilus-Hyosung is the NH-2700CE.

This machine is designed to provide more reliability than all other ATM machines that came before it. The NH-2700 is designed to be a workhorse in retail market locations with the highest amount of uptime, and minimum maintenance needs. You won’t have to worry about replacing the parts or sudden breakdowns because the NH-2700CE is designed to run for a very long time, problem-free.

Environment Stewardship
With quality comes also responsibility.NH-2700CE is equipped with energy saving features like low energy LCD and long lasting ATM parts with minimum implications to the environment.

NH-2700CE is designed with open architecture platform allowing for easy future upgrades and module modifications.
Modular design is one of ways in which we are trying to save our customers’ cost and provide maximum convenience.

Ultimate Functionality
NH-2700CE offers ultimate functionality featuring bill payment, funds transfer, mobile top-up in a highly user friendly interface for maximum convenience and very easy transition.

Maximum Protection
Complying to standards in various regions worldwide, Nautilus Hyosung offers advanced security measures while highly secured integrity of the NH-2700CE prevents any attempted security breaches from occurring. NH-2700CE can also be easily integrated with monitoring solutions to provide seamless data transfer for effective management of the self-service channels.

Cash2Go ATMS provide two funding options:

  • Self Funded; Self funded means you the business owner will fund the ATM with your own cash. Through daily settlement, the money is electronically transferred back to your nominated bank account over night. The ATM should be considered as another till and this option makes it convenient for business owners to bank their cash.

  • Cash Service; Cash service means Cash2Go ATMs, through a third party arangement , funds your machine on a weekly schedule. With this option, you are not required to use your own cash or to have direct dealings with the ATM. This option is not as profitable and is recommended for higher transacting venues.

Cash2Go ATMs provides complete ATM services:

  • We provide extremely reliable brand new ATMs that comply with new regulatory requirements.

  • We organize the delivery of the ATM to your business premises.

  • We arrange installation of the ATM.

  • We arrange for initial training in how to operate the ATM; including appropriate cashing and security procedures.

  • We provide ongoing and efficient support with all issues regarding the operation of all ATMs.

  • We organize quarterly technical servicing and second-line maintenance of all our ATMs; the ATM is completely cleaned and parts are replaced if needed.

  • We provide ATM signage.