Benefits of having an ATM on premises?

  • Increased cash turnover.

  • Keeps clients in your venue by giving them access to cash and account balances.

  • Alternative option to banking cash.

  • Reduced EFTPOS transactions.

  • Removes cash from the till and the amount of cash on premises.

  • Promote customer loyalty.

  • Monthly rebates!

How do these benefits work for you once we have installed the ATM?

  • Through extended research, we have found that customers spend volume increases between 10 and 30%, resulting to a 10-30% increase in your gross monthly turnover.

  • Because most people use the same two or three ATM machines for the majority of their cash withdrawals, going into your store becomes part of your ATM machine users daily habits, thus bringing more regular foot traffic.

  • The ATM encourages impulse buying, with cash at their disposable rather than exact amount on eftpos purchasers; your customers spend more on each visit.

  • Reduced credit card and eftpos fees as customers chose to use the ATM instead and get the cash they need for other purchasers during the day.

  • Finally, customers will choose your business over others due to the convenience of an ATM at disposable.

How will this ATM make your business money?

  • You make a percentage per transaction! (You read right, you will receive a fee per transaction, thus a secondary revenue stream).

  • Through countless hours of research, we have found that more than 20% of cash withdrawn from our machines is spent in store. In cafés, restaurants and bars it’s close to 80%.

  • The ATM will attract new customers who make the ATM their regular visit with more than 30% of all users revisiting that ATM around 10 times each month.

  • Finally, the ATM will lead to increased sales and client base and also value will be added to your client experience!

You will see increased sales as a result of the ATM!