About Us

Cash2Go ATMs is an Australian privately owned and operated ATM deployer company which is fast becoming one of NSW leading ATM deployers with a range of ATMs underway across Sydney. Cash2Go ATMs has instilled a culture of quality, reliance, industry excellence and compliance within all staff and ATMs deployed.

Our team is diversified and experienced, coming from a range of fields in Finance, Marketing, Engineering and Construction. Combining our fields of experience along with our joint experience in the ATM industry, we believe we have created a new culture in the ATM industry; bringing a more efficient and creative vibe to the industry as we believe the benefits of an ATM to a business is enormous.

Cash2Go ATMs is now a well-established and steadily growing ATM deployer. We develop long lasting, beneficial relationships with all our clients and have a reputation for not only excellent customer service but also reliable ATM machines. Cash2Go’s focus is on our service in which we provide to our clients. If ever a problem, it will be addressed within 24 hours. This is our guarantee!